Our Story

Lee Oasis was set up in 1994 by members of an Ecumenical Justice and Peace group, who decided they wanted to do something practical about social inclusion. With £50 donated by six churches in Lee SE12 they opened a Drop-in in a nearby community centre, open for anyone who fancied a free cup of tea or a bowl of soup.  


Pensioners came, and homeless men and rough sleepers, and soon the volunteers were taking appeals back to their churches for warm clothes — particularly socks. Over the years the project adapted, as needs locally changed; furniture runs began in a small way to help people leaving resettlement hostels, but expanded rapidly when the Bosnian conflict brought a flood of destitute refugee families to Lewisham


Nowadays, Lee Oasis is a flourishing community association. Together, we helped about 500 people around the borough last year, many of them children and most of them referred by the hostels, health visitors, and social or care workers. We delivered basic furniture, baby equipment, and reconditioned cookers and fridges to some of the most vulnerable households. 


Grants and donations

Lee Oasis is supported by grants. This past year we have had support from: The Church Urban Fund, the Capital Community Foundation,The Lee Green Assembly and Bonus Pastor College, as well as private donations from the public.

Lee Oasis is a Registered Charity, No. 1128260